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Complete Game Sparkler For Townsend

Post game dousing for Grant Townsend
Post game dousing for Grant Townsend

A steal of home from Makoa Rosario. Catcher Chris Diehl raps three hits. Starter Grant Townsend throws a four hitter.

The Central Arizona College Vaqueros did all they needed at the plate. Makoa Rosario stole three bases including home, Jake Vander Wal stole two more and reached three times, Chris Diehl got on three times, and Roger Varela doubled, then tripled in two runs late to help The College defeat Western Nebraska on Friday afternoon in Coolidge. It's official that Sam Schroeder is on a tear, he doubled and collected two more hits while scoring twice. The final was 6-0.

That is three of four on the Vaqueros spring "break" and it's a happy and relieved dugout for now.

(Above) Here comes that filthy from Grant Townsend.

"That's the first complete game I've ever thrown" said Townsend afterwards.

"I used the fast ball early to attack, the slider for KO, and then a change-up once or twice an inning later as a setup or weak-contact two strike pitch."

Well yes he did.

Townsend recorded 14 strikeouts and on top of that didn't walk a batter. There were two singles until the top of the ninth when the Cougars singled twice with two out. To top it off, Townsend struck out the last batter of the game. 

The top of the seventh was something to see, don't blink. All three batters went down looking, two sliders and a fast ball. Bye bye-sit-thank you.

Townsend just attacked and attacked all day. The great question popped up in the dugout with the head coach and pitching coach Jerry A'Hearn.

Do we bring him back in the ninth with all these fresh 95 MPH arms in the dugout? It's an easy call when the starter has only thrown around 100 pitches. Townsend showed no signs of fatigue all game long. 

Another Townsend slider. Thank you please sit.

The Cowboys made all their plays in the field, and then really, most of their action on the day was to throw the ball around the infield after another strikeout.

Central moved them around early by scoring three in the first and had a 4-0 lead going into the seventh when Roger Varela hit a ball between center and right for a triple with two on and two out.

"I didn't really hit it that hard" said Varela. "I just wanted to hit it to the right side this time, stay within myself. If I do that, the hits come."

Makoa Rosario stole home in the second with the pitcher in the windup on a signal from third base. Very very exciting.


Cowboy Game Cuts with Grant Townsend Roger Varela and Chris Diehl

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