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Introducing New Coach Sam Lind

New strength and hitting coach Sam Lind joins Anthony Gilich's staff for 2017-18
New strength and hitting coach Sam Lind joins Anthony Gilich's staff for 2017-18

Head Coach Anthony Gilich spends a few minutes introducing his new baseball coach Sam Lind

Lind is in many of the Top 30 Records for Central Arizona College during his years played. 

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So tell us about Sam Lind the new coach and what's his responsibility?

Yeah number one the guy's a machine so his responsibilities are hitting coach, work for the outfielders and then does our strength program. He does all the lifts and workouts and he does it with them so he's not sitting around bossing everyone around and he can do it as well as any one of them so....he's in great shape, he's an alumni, he played here in 2010 and was player of the year in the conference, He was a left-handed hitting shortstop for us and from here he went to Vanderbilt, played in the college world series in 2011, ended up getting hurt and transferred to an NAIA school, Cumberland in Tennessee (UT-Martin). There he was a world series all-american and world series MVP.

Heck of a resume.

Secondly, he wanted to get into coaching, he just got out of professional baseball recently.

Timing is everything huh?

Yes. I had a great relationship with him when he was here. He's a hard, hard worker and spends a lot of time with guys in the cage and puts those guys through a heck of a workout program and we're lucky to have him. He's only been here a short time and he's off to a great start. 

How will this team improve with his input and regimen?

Hitting and strength. The guy's a tireless worker, all day every day he's doing something with these guys. He'll stay late if the guys want to.

Can he throw a nice BP?

Yes he can, he prefers to throw BP because he wants ownership of the hitters, so he wants to be around the hitters all the time and the way it's going, the team will be second to none in terms of strength and preparation.

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