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Baseball Takes Another DH At Glendale

Speeders Brennan Reback (l) and Clayton Keyes (r) chase one down. No surprise there.
Speeders Brennan Reback (l) and Clayton Keyes (r) chase one down. No surprise there.

The Vaqueros from Central Arizona College swept a doubleheader out in Glendale Saturday with a rain-shortened second game. The scores were 10-4 and 3-1.

 In game one, Nick Trogerlic-Iverson almost made it through the entire seven innings, but the call was made and Matt Dalke came in and got the last out. It was a 6 and 2/3 spinner for Iverson as he struck out seven, walking only one. The four Glendale Community College runs came very late when the game was in hand. Your first thought is tired? But it could always be anything. Maybe it was the third time through the Glendale hitters. Maybe he was experimenting with pitches. 

But the story is, he rolled through another game picking up his fourth win, and the Vaqueros stole six more bases as they continue to lead the nation in SB's. Brennan Reback stole two, Clayton Keyes another, and Luke schwartz, Liam Spence, and Ernny Ordonez all took one.

When they need 'em, they're gettin' 'em. 


Alix Garcia and Armando Aguilar hit SAC flies accounting for two runs, and each drove in two for the game. Ordonez singled three times and catcher Nick Cheema continued solid hitting with two more hits. Cheema is now hitting .319 and has 9 rbi's. Aguilar is slamming the baseball with an average of .385 and 21 rbi's, and Garcia is now fourth in the country with 36 ribs. Spence walked three times and scored three times, added a double and is now hitting .392 and has scored 36 runs in 27 games played.

Possibly the finest feeling in baseball is when your foot first taps home plate. It's in the top five, let's put it that way. Spence is now third in the nation in runs scored.

In a rain-shortened second game. it was RJ doing RJ again.

What a nice surprise he's been. Everyone knew he could play, but this year has just been a complete 'sit down now and thank you sir' for the righty, his ERA is a tidy .079. RJ Dabovich threw five, struck out three and walked none. Now that's a day. He leads the team with five wins and is second nationally. Cheema, Aguilar and Garcia drove in the three Central runs, and you don't need much more than that lately with #34. 

Spence and Keyes added sac hits when runs were at a premium and you can talk about smashing the baseball all day, but when your team is in the top ten in SAC flies, SAC bunts, walks, and leads the country in HBP, you're looking at a total package on the base paths. Add to that 78 stolen bases which leads the country, and it must be terrifying for the other teams.

Central currently leads the nation in extra-base hits, and total bases as well. 

So think about all that.

The Vaqueros have three single games this week with out-of-state-visitors and have the coming week-end off.





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