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17 Hits For Vaqueros in 11-2 Win Over South Mountain

Liam Spence homered as first batter in Central's JUCO loss Tuesday.
Liam Spence homered as first batter in Central's JUCO loss Tuesday.

"I don't think I've ever had that before" said head coach Anthony Gilich when he referred to the two walk-off losses in the same day Central Arizona went through last weekend in Yuma against Arizona Western. The final scores were 1-0 and 3-2, and when Central popped back with five runs in the top of the first inning Tuesday afternoon, everything seemed to jump back into place. 

"I told the guys that hopefully that was the way to beat us, with a walk-off. A nice way to bounce back." Central ripped South Mountain 11-2.

The Vaqueros stole ten bases on the day. Brennan Reback stole four and scored four times, Clayton Keyes stole three, Luke Schwartz swiped two more, and Liam Spence yet another. Spence started at second base and ripped a bases-clearing double in the ninth and drove in four runs. Clayton Keyes had another day at the plate with three hits and a SAC fly, and Mr. Armando Aguilar drove in two runs in the DH position. Jake Vander Wal doubled and Alix Garcia had two more hits, and starting catcher Nick Cheema went 2-5.

But back to Reback.

On base every time with a linescore you just love. He went 3-3 with the four SB's, four runs scored, and also walked twice. Whew! Reback and Keyes are one-two in the country in SB's with 15 and 14.

No errors on the day.

RJ Dabovich has moved to 4-0 with another solid outing. Four wins tops the country in DI baseball with six other pitchers, but none has an ERA close to 0.41 as Dabo has. 

So that breaks the tie.

"He pitched very well" said the head coach. RJ went six innings striking out five giving up three hits. Koa Eastlack and Matt Dalke closed up shop again. 

So what a day. South Mountain jumps on the bus to the big house for a Wednesday 2:00 first pitch.



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