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Another Vaqueros Shutout For 36th Win

4th year head coach Anthony Gilich and staff doing a nice coaching job this year.
4th year head coach Anthony Gilich and staff doing a nice coaching job this year.

It was RJ Dabovich Friday afternoon, going a more-than-solid 6.2 innings giving up only three hits and striking out seven Artichokes as Central Arizona College shutout Phoenix College 6-0.

Jordan Suarez finished up the game preserving the Vaqueros' 12th blank of the year. Central leads the ACCAC in shutouts. This means one third of the Vaqueros wins are shutouts.

This is amazing.

Hats off to the Central coaches Charles A'hearn, Joe Perez and Sam Lind, and that has been said many times by the head coach Anthony Gilich. Well, to be honest, he's only officially said it four times in official interviews, but that translates into about 33 in my analytics processing. 22 times in his own head and 11 more to the coaches themselves.

You have to keep up in this analytics world.

But back to RJ Dabovich. He has this knack of keeping runners off base, he strikes out almost nine per game, walks about one, and according to my abstract, unfounded thought process, errrrr, analytics, that's the reason for his top ten national ERA of 1.35. 

"It was an all-around well payed game" said the head coach. "Brett Harris hit a homerun and had a good day at the plate. We had a a very good defensive day, turned a couple double plays, and tracked down a few balls in the outfield."

Central totaled nine hits including doubles from Ernny and Liam Spence, grabbed five more walks, and when runs are at a premium, it's the sacrifices at the plate which turn tight games into 6-0 games.

Spence laid down two and Harris another to advance runners. Central stole four more bases. If you can figure out how to keep these guys off bases, you could have a chance.

Side Notes:

-The ACCAC players of the week are never dominated by Central Arizona as nasty as their statistics are. But according to my analytics, you can't have a player of the week when it's so many different players that contribute each week. It's never one particular player, be it pitcher or batter. 

-What we'd like to see is a ROBTSABA statistic. Runners on base that score after being advanced. You KNOW MLB has that stat. And in this stat, errors committed by the defense would be official, because errors are a direct result when the third base coach gives the chinese fire drill sign.

The Artichokes visit the Big House today for a nooner.




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